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Business People Building Websites for Business People

"98% of people browsing websites will leave without doing anything within the first 5 seconds if they can't find what they want. Therefore it is important to get your message across quickly, so that your prospective client takes action and stays on your Website"

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Design & Build

We design & build websites specifically for each client.  We listen to their requirements and then create a website that fits their needs.

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We can provide various services that you will need, domain names, hosting, SEO, graphic design, copywriting - everything needed to get you online. 

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Online Presence

Your online presence is now far more important than ever before. many people think a website is all that is needed, there is so much more!

ClearSky Web Design was started to offer business people the opportunity to have a website built by someone who understands their needs.

When you talk to us we talk to you in YOUR language,however, we do need to use technology, but we do look at the website from a business perspective. Too many web design companies are focussed on what they can do, rather than what is best for the client.

"Michael has a knack of working with people with little or no knowledge of web design and with only basic word processing skills, as well as with those with greater technical expertise. He is infinitely patient and provides close support, both on site and by phone or email."

If you would like to build your own site we can offer you FREE software, all you need to do is purchase hosting from us at £50 per year and you can build your own website. Give us a call on 07549 156347 or e-mail us and we will call you back to discuss your requirements

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